Love songs share feelings:

Courtesy photo.

By Joel Beanes:

Many people have difficulty expressing how they feel about the people they care about. February is often celebrated as a month of love and many would like to express their feelings to the person they love but just can’t find the way to say it. Music is one of the ways people can express how they feel.

“I’m not a sentimental guy,” Rey Garcia, a radiography major, said. Even though he may not be sentimental, Garcia said one special song captures his deep feelings for his wife. “There is a new Ed Sheeran track named “Perfect” and any time  that the song comes up I automatically think of my wife. You know it almost gets tears in my eyes and stuff like that you know because… I mean, you know, nobody is perfect, but she is the one for me. She accepts me for my flaws so you can say to me she’s perfect.”

Sarah Anderson, a secondary education major, and her fiancé don’t have a special romantic song, but he shares a song with her daughter from a previous relationship. “It’s the sweetest thing in the world. It’s a Lee Brice song called ‘I Don’t Dance,’” Anderson said. She explained that her fiancé, a disabled veteran, doesn’t like to dance but he dances with her daughter. “It’s her favorite thing to do in the world when he dances with her,” Anderson said.


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