Eldon Durrett Memorial Scholarship application deadline nears:

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By Les Jones:

The deadline is approaching for the Eldon Durrett Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is available to the men of Amarillo College.

The scholarship was established Dec. 18, 1950. “It is the oldest continually running scholarship for AC,” said Amy Oliver, the Amarillo Independent School District administrative specialist guidance counselor.

Durrett was a graduate of AC, and after graduating with high honors from the University of Texas, he planned to financially assist a young man from the Texas panhandle to attend college. The plan was in motion but Durrett was killed in a car crash and did not see his good deed to the end.

After Durrett’s death, the Durrett family established a scholarship to honor the memory of their son, also to help young men of AC, and Amarillo in pursuit of higher education. “It is an honor for our family to have helped so many people with this scholarship,” said Allen Durrett, the nephew of Eldon Durrett.

The scholarship caters to both high school boys wishing to attend AC, and men that are going to attend a four-year university from AC.

It offers high school students $1,100 per year for four years, and $1,200 per year for two years to graduates of AC. Recipients must maintain a minimum grade of 2.0 with 12 hours per semester.

A committee comprised of representatives from AC, AISD, and the Durrett family will individually interview applicants for the scholarship. “The committee looks for a well-rounded student who takes part in school clubs and is very interested in education,” Felicity Swann, the AC scholarship coordinator, said.

“The scholarship is geared toward those who are in financial need,” Oliver said.

Students interested in the scholarship are encouraged to turn in an application to the financial aid office, in the Student Service Center, on the Washington Street Campus. Applications are due Feb. 26, 2018.

Last year’s AC recipient was Mugisha Aime, who is now attending Texas Tech.

Durrett’s legacy lives on in helping young men achieve higher education.

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