Changes made to intramurals, addition of new games:

Students practice and compete in softball and basketball through AC Intramurals.

By Jaxton Oneal:

This spring, students who play intramural sports will see more changes, including the end of co-ed teams in some sports.

“We are changing up some of our typical leagues. Like for example, basketball we have men’s and women’s leagues as opposed to last year we had co-ed,” Trent Oneal, intramural coordinator, said.

Another change is the beginning of the collaboration with West Texas A&M. The two schools are creating joint teams so that students who go to college at WT have a chance to play with students from AC.

Bringing the school teams together also provides students with more intramural choices, including new games such as battleship and turkey hunt.

Meeting new people is not the only thing that students can gain from intramurals. There are a multitude of other elements that can be gained from participating. Some students said that they see playing intramurals as an alternative form of learning.

“Different things that can come up and keep you active is pretty cool,” Uriel Valenzuela, sports and exercise sciences major, said.

“I miss the recreation. When I come there is not a lot of people here but intramurals has plenty of people to play with, it’s fun to have competition,” Damian Gaune, a diesel technology major, said.

For more information on intramurals and how to get involved, contact Oneal by phone at 371-5965 or by email at

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