AC to award money to avid writers:


By Carter Hall:

Every spring, the Amarillo College English department puts out the “Freelancer,” a literary and art magazine that includes work submitted by the students, staff and faculty. “The ‘Freelancer’ publishes the short stories, photography, essays, poetry and visual arts of the AC community. We are honored to showcase the myriad creative talents our students and colleagues possess,” Bryant Manning, English instructor and “Freelancer” reviewer, said. People can write an original piece or make their own piece of art.

Submitting work does not guarantee that it gets published. A committee of reviewers will decide which pieces make it into the magazine. “It comes down to tough choices that there might be two pieces that we think are good, but we only have so much space to get published,” Joshua O’Brien, “Freelancer” reviewer and Writer’s Corner coordinator said. O’Brien added that they always try to be objective in making selections.

Even though the “Freelancer” is not much of a competition, people on campus look forward to having some money to put in their pockets. Three of the submissions will be selected as the best overall pieces and will garner cash awards.

“We offer cash prizes for first, second and third place winners,” Manning said. While only three people receive prizes, the reviewers said it’s an honor to get published.

All of the published pieces will also be spotlighted in a special reception. “We will feature live readings and present all photography and visual art in a relaxed setting with friends and family,” Manning said.

The “Freelancer” has been published annually since 2004. It offers an outlet for people who have a passion for writing, Jenna Welch, student life specialist, said. “I always enjoyed writing from a young age, and you do not have to be a professional writer to get your work in there.”

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, Feb. 14. People have various ways to submit their work. Everyone can submit their work by handing it to someone in the English department, emailing it to a “Freelancer” review committee member or giving it to someone in the Writer’s Corner, which is in room 103 in Ordway Hall.

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