A reminder of everything great about fall:

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By Christina Torres:

Hot chocolate, the crisp fall weather, plaid everything, carving pumpkins, the changing leaves. Whether or not you enjoy it, there’s no doubt that the fall season is a great time of year. There’s so much to do and just a sense of comfort in the air…and pumpkin spice of course.

There’s a certain idea that comes to mind when someone thinks of fall. For some, it’s just another season, but for others it can be more than just that.

“Fall means football season and cozy clothes to me,” Abbigail Valdivia, a pre-med biology major said. “It’s also my favorite season because it’s not too warm and not too cold.”

For many, this season comes with traditions of all sorts. That could mean visiting a pumpkin patch or even just pulling out the oversized sweaters.

“Every year my family and I go to the corn maze and we always have a good time,” Katherine Alvarez, a general studies major said.

It’s also the time of year to breathe in all the warm smells the season offers.

“I usually light pumpkin scented candles because they’re my favorite,” Bailee Baldivia, a photography major said. “I love shopping for new candles and scents this time of year.”

Although there is plenty to love about the season, there is also some instances that  aren’t the best.

“I hate how bipolar the weather gets in the fall and I also get pretty bad allergies,” Baldivia said.

One thing that is for certain, the fall season brings change to the scenery of our city.

“I like to go on drives so I can see the leaves change color,” Alvarez said. “I think it’s really relaxing.”

Amarillo is known for not having many “fun” things to do, but they probably didn’t know that there’s plenty of fun fall-themed things that one can do this time of year.

“Something cool to do arounds town is go to the Amarillo Scaregrounds or even the pumpkin patches,” Baldivia said.

The season also brings out fashion traditions which for some, is the best part.

“I like to wear darker lipsticks during fall and I love wearing sweaters and boots,” Alvarez said. “It’s is my favorite time of year because of the fashion.”

A new fall tradition for AC students is fall break. This semester it will be from Oct. 16 – 20.

It’s a great time for student to de-stress, relax, and prepare for their second eight week classes or catch up on school work for their sixteen week classes.

One of the best times of the year only lasts roughly three months, so might as well enjoy it.

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