Swift strikes back:

By Katie Wylie:

In recent celebrity news, Taylor Swift has resurfaced in the headlines after taking an off-the-radar hiatus. The release of her newest single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” from her upcoming album “Reputation” (set to release in November), was debuted at the 2017 VMAs.

Swift’s music video includes a multitude of hidden Easter eggs that fans, myself included, were excited to uncover. The music video itself was creative, original, and unlike anything I’ve ever watched before.

The “Look What You Made Me Do” music video is different from any other Taylor Swift music video in existence. My initial reaction to the video was that it was busy. There seemed to be a lot going on, a lot of outfit changes and to be completely honest I didn’t like it.

I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t like the video the first time watching. I had a similar reaction to Swift’s “Shake It Off” music video back in 2014 and now I love the song so much that I listen to it regularly.

The new music video is dark and edgy, a concept that most Taylor Swift songs and videos are unfamiliar with; however, I was intrigued by this out-of-the box video and had to rewatch it again and again.

“Look What You Made Me Do” is a revenge anthem to all the wrong doers from Swift’s past. The overall concept of this video is a slap in the face to the media, who over the years have been one of Swift’s hardest critics.

The opening scene of the music video begins in a graveyard depicting that the old Taylor Swift is dead, along with the past, and a new vengeful Swift is coming to the light. There’s a lot of highlighted points that stood out to me in this video.

One of my favorite scenes in the video shows Swift reclining in a bathtub filled with diamonds. This scene throws shade at the media by Swift mocking the shallow, money-hungry persona that the media has portrayed her as.

Another memorable scene in the video is when Swift is dressed up as the leader of an ultimate “squad” factory. This is a dig to when the media relentlessly accused her of having a group of friends who all looked a certain way and were only allowed to be a part of her friend circle if they met a certain criteria.

After watching the video and digging a little deeper into the true backstory of it, I was able to really appreciate the meaning behind everything. Part of the fun for me was watching the video over and over and finding new hidden messages each time.

I thought the music video was clever, the videography was amazing, and the secret messages are near brilliant. I like how Taylor Swift is standing up to the media and anyone who has hurt her from her past through this music video. I think she did so in such a creative manner, and this is definitely one of my favorite music videos at the moment.

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