Starving artists get fed inspiration:

By Josh Ballard:

A show featuring the work of Amarillo College visual arts faculty is on display at the Washington Street Campus. The show opened with a reception at 5 p.m. Thursday Sept. 21 at the Common Lobby Art Gallery.

Steve Cost, associate professor of art, is the curator of the art gallery and installed the show, which will be running through Oct. 5. He is also one of the featured artists in the show.

“Art means everything to me. It is like music was to Beethoven or acting is to Brad Pitt and film making is to Steven Spielberg. Art is second only to my family. Art is my outlet, my expression, my passion. It’s who I am. I am happy to say I have made a living in art all my adult life,” Cost said.

Stephanie Jung, Brent Cavanaugh, Victoria Taylor-Gore, Steven Cost, and Seth White all appeared at the opening reception, which featured live music and snacks for visitors to enjoy while they perused the gallery.

“All of our instructors are working artists,” Brent Cavanaugh, chair of visual arts and design said. Victoria Taylor-Gore, dean of liberal arts, supported herself entirely through artwork for many years before coming to work at Amarillo College. She continues to make and sell art and has had her work in galleries in multiple states including Florida, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Taylor-Gore said she believes the new gallery will unite faculty and students. “We hope to use the new gallery space to show faculty, student and local work,” Cavanaugh said. It shows that students will be able to pursue a career in the arts.

The art department faculty have all made a living through their passions. “As an artist, to make a living you have to be disciplined and work hard,” Taylor-Gore said, but added that people should not feel discouraged if art does not work out at first.

Cavanaugh agreed with Taylor-Gore. “I’ve been in photography for 35 years professionally and I’m still learning,” he said.

Cost said he hopes the faculty art show will inspire art majors to pursue their passions and goals.

“Faculty need to stay active in their fields and current in their work so they inspire not just by great teaching, but also by example.”

“It is important for our AC family, students and the community to get an opportunity to view works by AC visual arts faculty because it showcases the amazing skills and creativity of our faculty. We have a lot to offer our students and the community, and, as they say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words,’” Cost said.

The current show will be on display for two weeks. The next theme will be the Day of the Dead.

To check out the artwork and stay up to date on upcoming exhibits, go to the Common Lobby Art Gallery located on the lower floor between the Amarillo Museum of Art, Music Building and Fine Arts Theater.

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