Attendance scanners offline:

By Katie Wylie:

Professors have informed students that scanners used to sign into their classes will no longer be used this semester and that attendance will be taken manually, or as some call it, the old fashioned way.

According to Frank Sobey, the associate vice president of academic affairs, the scanners remain functional; they are just not being used this semester. They were used last fall, discontinued for the spring semester and then reinstated in the summer, but now they are turned off once again due to numerous concerns.

“One of the challenges we had to deal with, aside from user error, was with the notification alert system, which sometimes generated false alerts that then disrupted students and created a backlog of work for the registrar’s office and advising,” Sobey said.

Unlike the scanners at the Washington Street campus, scanners at the Moore County campus in Dumas are still operating. “I have not heard about the scanners not working at the Washington Street campus, but the scanners here at the Moore County campus are still in full use,” Ashley Mader, an advising associate at AC’s Moore County campus, said.

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