Student Speak | Skipping class

What are some reasons you skip class
and how often do you skip?

Beatrice Nahoza, nursing major:  “I don’t skip class. If you want to be successful you cannot skip. That is why I go every day”


Jeanette Vega, education major:  “I always go to class all the time, because it’s super important to get every piece of information you can get.”


Taylor Rangel, biology major:  “Yes. Sometimes I skip class to make up homework for another class. It just depends on which one is more of a priority.”

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  1. Yes, we can usually get the most out of our investment in educatiopn by maximum participation, but students are the customers and should attend class as often as is required to meet their own educational objectives. Sometimes instructors run the classes to meet their own agendas and for their personal convenience, not the students’.

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