Netflix original dives into Olympic wrestling history

By RYAN COTTEN, Ranger Reporter:

Netflix is becoming a must-watch destination for original series and documentaries. Whether it is a murder trial, an alien invasion or royalty, people are fascinated by the creative and entertaining shows that this streaming service provides.

“Team Foxcatcher” is a recent original Netflix documentary that tells the rise and fall of John du Pont, Dave Schultz and an Olympic dream.

“Team Foxcatcher” takes the audience on an emotional journey from beginning to end.

The focus of this documentary is du Pont, a well-respected athlete, who opens his own Olympic training facility in rural Pennsylvania.

Olympic athletes arrive from all over the world to try for the opportunity to train with him and chase after glory.

“Team Foxcatcher” is an interesting documentary that kept my attention the whole time. The storytelling and the real-life events leading up to the stunning conclusion make this film a must-watch.

I enjoyed the original footage of the training. Without the footage, the documentary would not be as entertaining.

Schultz, a recruit who trained at du Pont’s facility, is vital to the overall story of this film. Schultz and his family lived on du Pont’s property, along with the other Olympic wrestlers, and throughout the film the relationship between the two is the foundation of “Team Foxcatcher.”

The tone of this documentary begins on the lighter side, and as the story is being told, the tone quickly turns serious, as du Pont’s actions at the end of this film impact everyone involved and leaves the audience asking questions.

I thought the different interviews from fellow Olympic athletes who were staying at the du Pont training facility added a lot of character and insight into life as an Olympic athlete. Discussing their struggles and the real-life sacrifices they had to endure while all maintaining a close bond gives the audience a sense of brotherhood.

Schultz’s family provides a more personal element in the story of du Pont and his Olympic athletes.

Nancy, his wife, takes a powerful walk around the property at the beginning and end of the movie that hooks the viewer.

“Team Foxcatcher” is an insightful documentary that dives into the life of Olympic wrestlers, and how the actions of one man can change the history of the sport.

The storytelling and real-life events in this documentary kept me entertained, and I would highly recommend this documentary to any sports fan.

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