Ziggy’s Virtual Viewpoint: Youtuber makes his mark


The time has come to spotlight another crazy, unlifelike person in the virtual universe. This week, let’s look at Markiplier, a man who has had a lot happen in his life.
Mark Edward Fischbach, known best by his online personality name, Markiplier, began his YouTube community shortly after his father died from advanced-stage cancer. Markiplier was also diagnosed with an appendicitis and a tumorous growth on his adrenal gland, which impacted his intentions to become a biomedical engineer.
Instead, he picked up a camera and started making videos of himself playing horror video games. He than began to reach out to charities, such as the Children’s Miracle Network and Extra Life, to support children in need.
Markiplier is best known for games such as 5 Nights at Freddy’s, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Happy Wheels and Surgeon Simulator 2013. He has an overactive style–often yelling, screaming curses and even crying during game play. He is also known for his vlogs, which address his supportive community and discuss inspirational topics and provide updates on his trips and conventions. where he interacts with children and fans.
Markiplier is someone who you should watch if you are seeking to figure out who you are or discover your purpose in life. Just watching his videos and learning more about his personal story shows that no matter what happens and no matter how dark it is you can always find the silver lining. So I urge everyone to take a moment and check out this YouTuber. He has many positive things to say that will make you look at your life differently and will bring you happiness.
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