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Recording Arts

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The arts always have been and will be important at Amarillo College. The fall semester of 2016 brings a new kid to the arts neighborhood: the recording arts certificate. The new certificate falls under the mass media umbrella and covers everything from the fundamentals of cables and connections to acoustics and sound design. The curriculum also features training in the use of Avid Pro Tools, a high-end music composition and editing program.
Scott Beckett is the man behind the new certificate. He is a professor of music and the recording arts and a band director, with extensive experience in sound engineering, mixing and recording. “There are two sides to what we’re doing here,” said Beckett. “There’s a continuing education side of it, which is just Pro Tools. There’s also the academic side where we do not just Pro Tools training, but we do everything from sources, to mics, cabling, connectors, how to set up systems, how to do live sound, how to do recording, how to mix and how to edit. It’s kind of like a practical recording arts program,” he said.
The courses cover many aspects of the recording industry and offers chances to network with others in the industry, Beckett said.
The goal is that when students complete the program they will have the experience in a real world setting that allows them to be prepared for the real world of audio outside of AC’s walls.
“The fabulous thing about this is that they get to do all of that in a confined time period so that when they get out into a studio, they’re ready to go,” Beckett said.
Anyone interested in learning more about the program should contact Beckett at or speak to one of the AC counselors.
Beckett said he has high hopes and expectations for the new certificate. With the vast knowledge and tools at hand, the success of the program is simply music in the making.

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