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Students may have noticed emails sent to their Amarillo College accounts about new fitness classes. The classes offer a variety of workouts, such as body shred, weight training, badger spin, body flow, Zumba, all abs and yoga. “Amarillo College started offering these classes because of the academic need and community interest,” physical education instructor Tricia McGuire said.

Different classes are offered based on whether you are an academic student or a continuing education student. Academic students can participate in weight training, basketball, body flow and volleyball.
Continuing education students can participate in body shred, yoga, badger spin, all abs and Zumba.“These classes were chosen based on the instructor’s pick and overall popularity,” McGuire said.

Body shred is a program that was created by Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels and has been brought to AC. It is a circuit workout with short break times to keep the body moving. The class is said to deliver results in half the time of other workout classes. All abs is a class completely dedicated to building abdominal and core muscle strength.

Body flow incorporates tai chi, yoga and Pilates into one class. The class is choreographed to uplifting music and focuses on toning muscles, burning calories and improving flexibility. Badger spin is an indoor stationary cycling class that goes along to music.

Zumba is referred to as a high-intensity workout class that feels like a dance party. Participants dance with high intensity moves in intervals to a mix of songs. Students already pay $1 per academic hour load to use Carter Fitness Center. The cost is incorporated into their overall tuition.

The new fitness classes cost $3 to participate. “Anyone who pays is allowed to participate in the classes,” McGuire said.

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