A Snapchat chat | AC students discuss social media obsession, importance

Written by | MIKAELA CHAVEZ |

Snapchat … is it really all that? Snapchat came out in 2011, and at first it was not very popular. Recently, however, Snapchat developers have been adding new features and updating the network, and the popularity has increased. Snapchat now is the third most popular social network. The app is doing so well that the company turned down a $3 billion buyout from Facebook last November. Many Amarillo College students say they are frequent Snapchat users.

Austin Rusk, a business administration major, said he uses Snapchat every day. “I have about 60 friends that I communicate with on Snapchat,” Rusk said. “I think that the new features they are coming up with are trying to outdo Facebook, but I like them; however, people’s reliance on it as a medium for communication is weird to me because everything does disappear. Nothing myself or anyone else says or does can be proven.
“I can be more ridiculous on Snapchat, and it will be OK because the stories and the snaps do not last long.”

Mathew Moon, a fire technology major, also uses the app on a daily basis. “I use Snapchat every day to share what I am doing,” Moon said. “I have around 90 friends on Snapchat, and I like to look at their stories and keep up with them on there as well. I like the new update. I can easily share what I am doing, and it has a few new features that are pretty cool. It’s not too important to me — I mean I wouldn’t care if I didn’t have it, because there are other things out there like Facebook and Instagram.”

Kali Miskimen, an education major, said she is on Snapchat every day but does not post that often. “I only really use Snapchat to keep up with my friends and family,” she said. “I maybe take pictures one or two times a month. I have about 40 friends that I keep up with through Snapchat because I do not get to see anyone as much. I definitely like the way of communication on it. A few features I do not like about it, however, are how it combines everyone’s stories and that it deletes the picture after 10 seconds.”

“I use Snapchat several times a day, “ said Nicole Holland, a psychology major. “I watch other stories or post what I am doing. I have about 15 friends that I keep up with on there anyway. I think I like the new Snapchat update, but I do not like that everyone’s stories are combined.” Lacy Barnett, a social work major, uses Snapchat to keep up with friends and to post her activities. “I probably have about 30 friends that I talk to on there,” she said. “Snapchat is all right. I do not need it, but it is fun to use.”

“I have about 40 friends on Snapchat. I only get on it a couple times a week to share things I think are interesting and that I think my friends would like as well,” said Jana Cobb, a business administration major. “I have heard about the new Snapchat, but I have not gotten it yet. I do like Snapchat better than Facebook, though, because I can choose what stories I want to look at and there are no advertisements ­— plus it is more fun. I do not do it obsessively, but it is something that I can see becoming even more successful.”

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