Nursing program recognized as outstading

Written by | Maggie Tinoco |

The Texas Board of Nursing has approved the Amarillo College Associate Degree Nursing program. The first passing rate was almost 95 percent in on the national licensure exam. Dean of Nursing Dr. Richard Pullen received a letter from the Texas Board of Nursing stating that the program went from full approval warning to full approval. “In 2014 our passing rate was 77.6 percent, which eventually we went to a full approval warning.” Pullen said the actual passing rate for the Texas Board of Nursing should be at least 80 percent. “We had to evaluate on how we were doing things,” Pullen said.
The national licensure exam became more difficult in April 2015.

“The program required it to be more challenging for students to get in as well as to raise the expectations for students and nursing instructors,” Pullen said. The ADN program did make changes that not only benefits the school but the students as well. Nursing instructor Karrie Young said, “We have smaller sections for classes just to be able to interact more with the students.” There is more hands-on training than before; lectures are kept at a minimum, Young said.

“A lot of times we look at the numbers, and that’s good. We can see how the state bases us. Sometimes we get caught up in that, and I want the community to see that our grads and students are well prepared.” Nursing major Elena Lopez said it’s a lot harder but she is reassured by the end of the day. “When I have to take the test, I can guarantee I am going to pass it because the instructors are going to prepare you,” Lopez said.

Pullen wants to continue reaching a high passing rate for the ADN program. “A program that has an annual pass rate of 90 percent or higher annually is recognized for having an outstanding rate,” he said.
To continue with the standards, other goals are to provide more tutoring improve the curriculum.

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