Bow Tie Breakdown | 2

Bow Tie Breakdown is a forum for Amarillo College President Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart to connect with readers of The Ranger. Each edition, he sits down with The Ranger to give insight on what’s happening at AC. It’s a deeper, more exclusive look into the mind of the man behind the bow tie.

Here’s Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart’s viewpoint on movies and his expectations for the Oscars: I’m a movie fanatic. I’m obsessed with movies and the Oscars. My favorite movie this Oscar season is Mad Max. I think it should win best picture. I love that it redefined the female protagonist as a hero rather than the damsel in distress.

Visually, the way the movie was filmed was so innovative and profound. That movie had a profound impact on me.
I hated the original Mad Max movies, but this movie I thought was beautiful. It was beautifully acted, it had a point, and it was the most profound movie of the year.”

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