Transfer Club helps plan for the future

Written by | Ella Vasquez
Amarillo College’s Transfer Club hosted a transfer fair Tuesday in the first-floor lobby between Parcells Hall and the Byrd Business Building. More than 15 representatives from various universities were scheduled to visit with students. The Transfer Club provides information and advising to students who are looking to transfer to a four-year university after they leave AC. The club is led by two sponsors, Ernesto Olmos and Heather Atchley. Olmos and Atchley, along with AC’s advising department, are there to help any student with transferring.

During the fall semester, the Transfer Club coordinated trips to various universities, and its leaders hope to do the same this spring. Students can get more information on the AC website as well as talking with representatives from the universities they hope to attend. The website is updated regularly so students are able to receive accurate and helpful information. It is important for students to begin their transfer process as early as possible so that, in case of any difficulties, they can turn in all the needed applications in a timely manner. “The transfer process needs to be done early so that you have everything in order and not be scrambling to get everything done at the very last minute because of the late start,” said education major Meranda Graves.


It is important for students to know which university they hope to attend. It also is advised that they know which classes do and do not transfer. “Planning on it would help in any situations,” said engineering major Crystal Nelson. It is advised that students check with their adviser at least twice a semester. “You should keep in touch with your adviser to make sure you have everything in order,” Olmos said. The next Transfer Club meeting will be at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday in the basement of the College

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