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Written by | Aaron Hamilton
According to Charlie Meyer, the Amarillo College Student Government Association secretary, “SGA is where things happen.” SGA not only hosts events for the student body but represents them to the board of regents and AC faculty. Another goal of SGA is to be active in the community. The largest event of the semester will be the March 4-5 Student Life Spring Leadership Retreat at Talon Point Retreat Center near Dumas. Abraham Tenorio, SGA president, invites all students to the retreat. “The retreat is a great leadership experience and will build you up as a leader,” Tenorio said. SGA also has several fundraisers and other events planned, including the INK Poetry Slam on April 13 in the College Union Building. SGA also is considering the idea to join with other clubs and participate in the March of Dimes.


On Jan. 26, SGA hosted its monthly fundraiser, this time called Coccoa Palozza. Students had a chance to receive a mug with their picture on it and hot chocolate. Taylor Jamieson, a nursing major, attended Coccoa Palozza. “Coccoa Palozza was the first event I have attended here at AC,” Jamieson said. “I was glad I had the opportunity to attend. It was a much-needed break between classes.” The SGA officers invite everyone to attend their general assembly meetings at noon Wednesdays in the CUB basement.
SGA includes nine officers who preside over the meetings and committees.

The general assembly meetings are attended by roughly 50 people each week. Tenorio said SGA is a great way to get involved on campus and is meant for everyone. He said he was sheltered before joining SGA. He said he believes that by joining SGA, his social skills and leadership skills have became stronger.Unlike Tenorio, Meyer said he joined SGA as a means to be social on campus and be where the action is.
SGA has an open-door policy, inviting students to meet its members in the CUB basement and become involved on campus.

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