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When I first heard that Donald Trump is running for president, I thought it was a joke. He’s already rich and famous, so why does he all of a sudden want to take responsibility for the United States? He has no idea what he’s doing. I will be terrified for our safety as a country if he is elected. One reason I don’t think he should be our president is because of his racism. He stood on national TV and said that Mexico sends us rapists and drug dealers. I’m sure we all know that’s not true. Sure, some of the illegals here probably are rapists or drug dealers, but Mexico isn’t the only country that has them. Every country has them I agree that if someone foreign wants to live in the United States, they should do it legally. However, to say that a country sends nothing but crime is ridiculous. He also is demeaning to women. He told a contestant on The Apprentice that she would be “pretty on her knees.” She defends him as trying to be funny, but I know if a man said that to me, I would be very offended. It shows his lack of respect and decency. Those are two qualities that I think would make a fit president. He said he wants to make America great again, and I think it can happen. Just not because of him. Trump is primarily a businessman. Most people who run for president have a political, judicial, military or government background. They know how to be leaders from that standpoint. All Trump knows how to do is get publicity and make money. He did say he isn’t doing this for money. However, his aim for the presidency is not an attempt to make the country better. I feel like he just wants to be able to control something. Today, I think a presidential candidate should be concerned with things like homelessness and hunger, finding the best ways for our youth to get their education, take strides for ending teen pregnancy, getting out of debt,and better treatment of the veterans. Trump is nowhere near meeting that standard. As sad as it is to say, I think that is asking too much from any of the 2016 presidential candidates with the way things have been going lately. I will just be especially disappointed if Trump wins the election.

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