‘Destiny’ finally gets it right

Destiny Review (USE THIS FOR ONLINE PLEASE ^.^)If you play video games on any console, you know there is one game that has been talked about more than anything else this past year: Destiny: The Taken King. You also know that it has split the gaming universe in two since its release in September. Undoubtedly the most recent divisive game, Destiny is Bungie’s first game after creating the juggernaut that is the Halo franchise. Destiny: The Taken King took everything about the original and improved it, making it a complete experience. In case you’re not familiar with this $500 million game, let me back up. Destiny was launched in September 2014 and immediately caused waves in the gaming industry. Upon the game’s release, gamers found out that the vanilla version of Destiny is essentially the same mission on repeat, and of course, people were upset. In every new expansion pass, Bungie promised to expand upon this premise, but none of them did. The first (The Dark Below), shows the hero defeating Crota, the son of a god. The second (House of Wolves), has you tackle an enemy faction. The Taken King has been the first expansion pass to actually change things, and boy, did it. Remember how I said Crota was the son of a god? Yeah, in this new and improved version, you face his dad. Obviously not happy about his son’s murder, Oryx sets out to get revenge. Story wise, this is the best version of this game we’ve ever had. Beautiful cut-scenes fill the experience, making you wonder if you’re watching a movie or playing a game. We also get a return of the score, for which Bungie is known. Enunciating every twist and turn with an amazing track, the music does what every score should: enhance and further immerse you into the experience. The game play is the same that we’ve grown to love from every version of Destiny. It is the main focus of this game.If you’ve ever touched a Halo game, you know Bungie knows fluid game play, and this is no different. New weapons and armor sets add to the enjoyment of the game. Turning up the “awesome-knob” to 11, this expansion pass adds new moves such as throwing a hammer in lieu of Thor, shooting electricity from your hands and even arming yourself with a bow and arrow.The only drawback I personally have with The Taken King is same problem Destiny always has had: Once your reach a certain point, the only thing to do to reach new heights is grind. You end up going to the same planets over and over again trying to find materials so you can upgrade your equipment. You do get tons of hours of enjoyment before that happens, however. I’ve put in around 30 to 40 hours, and I’m just now finding myself getting bored with the game, so you still get your money’s worth. In all, Destiny: The Taken King adds to Destiny in ways none of the other expansion passes have, making the game a joy to play. This game gets a nine out of 10 from me.

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