Advising department makes transferring a breeze

“Start Here, Go Anywhere” is on repeat as this year’s motto for Amarillo College. Starting here at AC is a varied and diverse group, from the young adult just beginning a new stage of an educational journey to those who seek to redefine or improve their career paths.

A wide choice of certificate and degree programs offers many opportunities for students to continue education and training at other institutions of higher learning.

Ernesto Olmos, newly appointed associate director of advising, said it’s important to start thinking early about transfer plans. Making sure to view admission and program requirements will ensure that students are on the right track for their desired universities.

“We typically plan different transfer opportunities throughout the semester where we invite university representatives to come and speak with AC students,” Olmos said. “The information is distributed through different media venues.”

Olmos encouraged any student interested in transferring to visit with him to design a plan.

Robert Duenes, a 2013 AC mass communication and broadcasting graduate, now is a senior at West Texas A&M University.

Duenes said he found the transfer process quite the breeze when it came time to make his next move.

“I would also advise starting early,” he said. “Filling out the paperwork was the easy part.”

He said it is important to be patient, because it may take some time for a chosen school to respond.

Duenes suggested that if a student needs help, he or she should not hesitate to ask anyone in the AC advising department.

“Those guys made it all so simple,” he said.

David Carlson, an English major, jumped into his transfer to WT with both feet.

Carlson backs up the point of Olmos and Duenes about starting early.

“I would look into at least two semesters before you actually transfer, make sure that the university has the course and degree plan that will be most beneficial to you,” Carlson said.

He also advised students to take care of big details such as financial aid but not to overlook small ones such as navigating the new campus.

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