Good semester, but a thing or two needed to be said

Well. We made it. Another semester down, X more to go.

This semester was a great one for many reasons. Amarillo College was named a Leader College. We’ve seen more collaboration this semester between departments than we’d seen in a while.

PBS got a makeover. We got new equipment.

We weathered the changes in leadership, instructors and regents quite well. We haven’t gotten buried under two feet of snow. Blackboard hasn’t had a major meltdown.

Most of us are passing most of our classes … most of us.

We haven’t had a lot of major issues to complain about. Don’t get us wrong. This is a good thing.

But sometimes, especially this week, when we’re all scrambling to finish final projects, studying for final exams, preparing for graduation and recuperating from Thanksgiving break, you just really need to vent about all the little things that are making your life seem much harder than it actually is.

The Ranger staff is no different. Sometimes, we just need to explode in a controlled fashion before we can really make it through the final crush.
Read on to find out what irritated us this semester.


“People who wear red from head to toe.”
“Thirty-year-old guys that wear Superman shirts.”
“I’m irritated about guys sagging; just buy a freaking belt.”

Parking and driving

“Why aren’t there enough spots ANYTIME?”
“I’m irritated at people not parking properly, especially when there’s snow. Do the lines disappear?”
“There was NEVER a parking space there. NEVER.”
“Is there a reason people don’t stop at the clearly marked crosswalks?”
“People who cut you off in traffic, then go slow.”
Personal space invasions
“People randomly touch my hair.”
“Must you stand so close to me?”
“When you’re in a crowd and people are touching you. Get away!”

Student organizations

“Student clubs ‘involving’ other clubs and then keeping all the money to themselves.”
“Why does everything cost so much money to join? I’m a poor college student, not a rich professional.”
“During Club Clash, clubs cheating on the contests just to win. It’s just a game.”
“When one club thinks it’s the best.”


“What I’m really upset about this week is the fact that my purse got stolen. I, thankfully, didn’t have my wallet in it, but I had some papers I needed for class, a badge I needed, a sentimental love letter from my boyfriend that I really wanted to keep forever because it was cute, and a Chapstick that I really liked and had actually kept up with … oh well, though.”


“Why is it so cold? Why do my fingers freeze so quickly? HELP ME. “
“Pick a season. If it’s going to snow, snow enough so that we can build a snowman. If it’s going to be warm, be warm enough that I don’t need a sweater in the morning and flip-flops by noon.”

Everything else

“ATM fees.”
“Pens that run out of ink.”
“Burnt coffee.”
“When Amanda says ‘secret garden.’”
“People who use too many fonts in presentations.”
“Instructors who just pretend to use a syllabus.”
“Students being jerks to other students. Quit asking questions just so you can titter and make fun of someone.”
“Why can’t people just do what they say they’re going to do?”
“When people call the color ‘purple’ plum.”
“When paper towels in the restroom are stocked too much and you can’t pull out one complete towel. They all rip.”
“Expensive books, poor students.”

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