Bucket list, another challenge

Heather Shortell Reporter

College is great. You meet new people, get a lot of homework done and try to keep up with everything else that is going on in life.
The big problem with college is that you don’t get a personal or social life —which really, really sucks.

I mean, seriously, I really do like hanging out with people, too.

I’ve been told that people have goals or a “bucket list” of what they would like to do before they leave college.

Heather Shortell Reporter
Heather Shortell

In my opinion, the fact that I’m still waking up and getting out of bed and going to class is a goal that I’ve accomplished so far.

The best thing that I’ve come across to do while attending college is to leave a legacy. Something so people can remember your name and know what you did in college besides going to school, turning in your assignments on time and barely trying to remember the names of people in your classes.

Don’t get me wrong; if you don’t want any part of that, it’s perfectly fine.

To be honest, I always have thought I could care less if people remembered my name or knew what I did at Amarillo College.

But when I heard about leaving a legacy behind, it really got me thinking about what I want my kids to think of me when, hopefully, they go to college.
I want my children to know I did something great.

That I could have — maybe, I don’t know — changed the school. To be honest, it’s weird to think that the whole time I’ve been attending college, it never occurred to me to make something of myself and not just get my degree so I can hopefully be in my field of work. But actually make something of myself and be more prepared not just for my field, but for everything else.

The only problem about leaving behind a legacy is that you have to have time for it.

You actually have to make it part of your daily routine at school.

Which sucks, because if you’re trying to make sure all your homework and extra credit is turned in, then what time do you have for any other kind of life than school?

And if you have a family, how doy ou find time to sleep? Nonetheless, you should try to make something of yourself in college.

I’m not sure what was going through the people’s heads who decided that students should take a minimum of 12 college hours to get financial aid, but I don’t think they realized the amount of time 12 college hours really take up.

In one class, you might just have one paper that you have two to three weeks to work on.

In another class, you have a project that is due the next time your class meets. And a third class requires you to write a two-page paper with only one day to write it.

Maybe it’s not their fault, maybe it’s not the professors’ and maybe it’s not ours, but there needs to be a balance for students to actually have a personal and social life and be able to go to school without losing sleep.
Having a bucket list on top of all that just isn’t ideal.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s good to have a bucket list — just maybe not one where you have to do everything before you leave college.
It will be great if you do. Kudos to you. But in general, going to class, making a few new friends, hopefully remembering their names and turning in all your stuff should be the only thing you’re worried about.

College should be the only thing on your bucket list, really.

Most people sadly don’t even get to go to college. Be happy that you made it here in the first place.

Just keep it simple. No need to complicate anything.

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