‘BadgerBS’ gives voice to students

Students have a voice on campus, and it can be heard through “BadgerBS.” “The name is a play on a more commonly recognized term, but in this case it stands for “Badger Banter Session.”

|Amanda Castro-Crist | The Ranger Quintin  Marquez|
|Amanda Castro-Crist | The Ranger
Quintin Marquez|

Quintin Marquez, senior video reporter and online editor, is host of the video show created by the Ranger staff. Topics are selected randomly from student submissions. A new episode debuts each Tuesday at www.acranger.com.

Marquez credits Perla Arellano, a journalism major and Ranger senior reporter, with having the idea for the show. Arellano said Philip DeFranco, who hosts his own YouTube channels, inspired her. She got the idea after watching DeFranco, creator of “The Philip DeFranco Show” and the channel, SourceFed, on YouTube, in a table talk session where three people discussed topics submitted by viewers using #TableTalk. The topics could range anywhere from serious topics such as point of views on human cloning for medical research to casual topics such as video games.

Arellano said she thought it would be good to bring something like it to Amarillo College and get students involved in discussing topics that are important to them.

Although Arellano hoped the show would inspire national and international topics, it has yet to evolve to that point. Marquez said the show is not meant to be informative; rather, it is purely for entertainment to discuss what students are talking about.

“This is a great chance for students to be heard in a way they haven’t been before,” Marquez said.

The backdrop of the set features hashtags including #QISALWAYSRIGHT and #BADGERNOTASQUIRREL. The set pairs well with the sarcastic humor that enlightens viewers about life-changing topics such as Q’s Wienerschnitzel addiction.

To submit topics for the show, “like” or “follow” The Ranger on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and leave a comment including “#BadgerBS.” All entries are placed in a basket and then randomly selected and discussed spontaneously.

According to Marquez, there is no rehearsal for the show, and the topics are not looked at ahead of time. What you see is honest opinion, not to be considered expert advice.

Marquez chooses a new co-host each week from campus clubs; he said he thinks it’s important to help promote their organizations and encourage student participation. Michael Baeza, a general studies major, was the co-host for episode 4. Baeza said he agrees that it is important to get students involved in campus activities.

BadgerBS will be live at Badgerama in April. Marquez said he plans to travel to other campuses for live shows and is working on a calendar of events.

Marquez said he encourages all students, faculty and staff to submit topics for discussion.

Even if they are not selected on BadgerBS, they could lead to stories in The Ranger.

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