N-sanity challenges most capable in fitness

By Bailie Myers

News Editor


Dozens of fitness classes can be found at the Carter Fitness Center on the Amarillo College Washington Street Campus. N-Sanity is one that many say is not quite like the others.

“Even the most fit people are going to pause,” said Trent Oneal, a physical education instructor. “I’ve seen fit people go and throw up on the first day.”

N-sanity, a combination of activities that use body resistance in three- to four-minute intervals with short breaks in between, is a growing trend in fitness.

“There’s jumping, hopping, yoga and elements of ballet,” Oneal said. The class differs from others because it strictly uses body resistance, he said.

Oneal, who has taught N-sanity at AC for six semesters, said the classes are intense but can be modified if needed.

Some may recall the term, “Insanity,” coined by famous fitness instructor Shaun T. Shaun created the high-intensity workout in 2009 and sold it through infomercials. It quickly grew into a million-dollar business.

The AC class offers a similar experience with a more personal touch, Oneal said.

“I hear this a lot, ‘Shaun T doesn’t know my name, but you do,’” Oneal said.

According to Oneal, many students enjoy the class more than the “Insanity” videos because they have others to work out with and they like the environment it creates.

So what motivates students to participate in such an intense, maybe even ‘insane,” class?

“A lot of it boils down to the competition,” said Anastasia Shenefelt, an education major.

Shenefelt said seeing what others can do motivates her to do better herself.

The workout, known for its difficulty, is not for everyone.

“I can definitely see why people shy away. It’s hard, but it’s fun,” Shenefelt said. “I would definitely take it again.

“Some are more sensitive than others. Some people drink too much water before working out.”

She said the extra water is a possible reason some first-timers throw up after exercising.

Although the class may be difficult for many, students and teachers agree that almost anyone can do it.

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