Kappa Chi becomes active this semester

Graphic by Hannah Overton
Graphic by Hannah Overton
Graphic by Hannah Overton

By Bailie Myers

Ranger Senior Reporter


Although current Amarillo College students may have never heard about the club Kappa Chi, it has been around for more than 40 years.

Kappa Chi became inactive from the latter part of the 1990s up until this semester when Jerry Klein, a religion instructor at the Bible Chair, became the sponsor.

Klein said although Kappa Chi is a Christian club, it is open to anyone who wants to join. Klein said members should understand that their activities will be Christian activities and service projects but that other activities can be looked into if members so desire.

“It gives anybody who wants to be part of a Christian club the opportunity, and nothing will be shoved down their throats,” Klein said.

Kappa Chi has 16 active members, including club President Joshua Allison.

Allison said the mission of Kappa Chi is to make your faith your own and that the strength of the Christian faith is that it is a personal thing.

Faith is an important factor in Kappa Chi, he said.

“People say they want to prove it (faith), they want to be intellectual. But in order to understand anything, you have to have faith first,” he said. “That’s the nature of wanting to learn things,”

That faith, Allison said, is believing that there are answers and just because you may not have them doesn’t mean you can’t search for them.

“That is the good thing about Kappa Chi,” he said. “Everyone can get together and search for them.”Allison said the club is planning service projects and will consider suggestions.

Kappa Chi has lunches at noon each Tuesday at the Bible Chair at 2501 South Jackson St. Lunch is free, and anyone is welcome to come.

The club also will have a rotation of Bible studies, meetings and fun days.

To find out more or suggest a service project, email Allison at j0469197@amarillocollege.com.

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