‘Millers’ has it all: pot, language, money, laughter

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By Caitlin Duke

Ranger Reporter


Weed, obscure language, money and Jennifer Anniston doing a striptease: We’re the Millers is a solid comedy that is humorous and easy to enjoy.

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurbe, the film hit theaters Aug. 7. It begins with the lead character, David (Jason Sudeikis), a local pot dealer, being robbed by thugs. David ends up owing more than $40,000 to his boss, Brad (Ed Helms). Brad gives David an opportunity to erase his debt and offers him an extra $100,000 for flying to Mexico and driving back in an RV full of marijuana. When David accepts the offer, he quickly decides that in order to smuggle the drugs past the Border Patrol, he needs to look as normal as possible by obtaining a fake family. David invites two of his neighbors, a neglected teenager, Kenny (Will Poulter), a tough stripper, Rose (Jennifer Aniston), and a rough-around-the-edges homeless, teenage girl, Casey (Emma Roberts). Together, they are the Millers.

The movie makes it easy to laugh and kept me entertained. Even though the actors are a diverse bunch, the dynamic between the four is intriguing.

One of the best parts of the movie is when Sudeikis does a fourth wall break (when a character realizes they’re in a work of fiction) as Aniston does a striptease. The Saturday Night Live cast member definitely is the life of the film.

Unfortunately, the movie is quite predictable. Throughout the film, you can tell what is going to happen next, which makes for an anticlimactic story. On top of the predictability, there a lot of awkward moments that are not really necessary to the plot. Even though they are supposed to be funny, and maybe we should expect that from Thurbe, who also directed Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, it still had me hoping for certain scenes to be done with.

Despite the plot’s extreme predictability, the character dynamic is intriguing. It got quite a few laughs out of me, but I suggest that in order for you to truly enjoy the movie, do not go in with high expectations. I give the film 3.5 out of 5 stars. It’s a good film to enjoy with a significant other or best friend, but I would advise keeping children away from this movie.

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