How country are ya?

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By Emily Prestwood

Online editor

Country singer and songwriter Kevin Fowler is set perform at Midnight Rodeo on Friday. The former Amarillo College Badger has been performing on the road for the past 13 years.

Fowler’s songs include 18 top five singles, 10 of which hit number one on Texas radio charts. Fowler has performed all over the country and has over 360,000 social media network fans. His seventh album, “How Country Are Ya?” releases Nov. 12.

Fowler’s widespread success began in Amarillo, where he grew up. Fowler graduated from Tascosa High School before attending AC. While he was at AC, he earned his associate degree in business administration and later attended West Texas A&M.

He gives credit to his mother for his passion in music.

“My mom always pushed me into it,” he said.

He took several piano lessons as a child, and played the drums in high school. Fowler said he decided to play music for a living while he was taking business classes at WT.

“I started playing in little bars in Amarillo, and basically anywhere and everywhere,” he said.

Fowler also said he played in just about every band he could.

“After a while I kind of hit a road block, so I moved to LA and went to music school out there,” he said. “I realized that if I kept up this pace, I might have to get a real job.”

He eventually progressed into a successful career. He said growing up in Amarillo is probably what influenced him to produce country music.

“After I started playing it just kind of evolved that way.”

Fowler said the inspiration for his music comes from real life and just about any conversation.

“It just starts with an idea. I just keep my ears open in conversations and if I hear an idea, I write it down and before I know it, we have a song.”

He describes his music as Texas-country.

“Texas-country music is more realistic and more authentic,” he said. “It is not all about radio and publicity. We write true, honest songs that are not influenced by the industry.”

While he is on the road, Fowler performs once every week. He does not plan to stop touring any time soon.

“I love being on the road because I get to meet new people every day,” he said. “It is not just the same thing every day. It is always an adventure.”

When he is not on the road, Fowler said he spends time on his ranch in Wimberley, Texas with his wife and three daughters.

“There is never a dull day,” he said.

Fowler also spends a lot of time working on the business side of his career when he is not on the road.

“Sometimes it feels like I only get to relax when I am actually on the road.”

He said with every song he writes, he feels his career is only growing stronger.

“I think I am just hitting my stride and I am going to ride this out as long as I can,” said Fowler. “I do not know how you stop playing live.”

Fowler’s latest single, “How Country Are Ya?” is now available on iTunes. To listen to the song and other music by Fowler, click here.

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