FM90 Celebrates College Radio Day

Ranger Editor

FM90, the Amarillo College radio station, celebrated College Radio Day Tuesday.

The day was a celebration of college radio and the joining together of almost 600 stations worldwide.

“It’s the celebration of the free spirit of college radio,” said Brian Frank, program director of FM90, KACV-FM.

One of the unique things about college radio is that the stations play songs that no one else will play from bands that are not well known, he said.

FM90 took requests Tuesday and played everything from Coldplay to R.E.M. to U2.

Th e station received a variety of calls, including one from a former student who was involved with FM90 a couple of years ago and now is studying in Canada.

“It benefi ts anyone who comes through here,” Frank said.

“It really does work for people.”

Kyle Arrant, senior engineer/technical specialist at KACV-TV/FM, said the radio bug bit him and that being on the radio teaches you live skills and how to communicate with others.

Kyle Arrant, KACV-TV/FM senior engineer, works on air during College Radio Day Tuesday.

FM90 does not play commercials but continues to play music for AC, Amarillo and much of the Texas Panhandle to enjoy.

To tune into FM90, go to 89.9 FM or check out to see the station’s current playlist and more.

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