Review: Sunset Gallery

By Helen Hernandez

Ranger Reporter

amarillo, tx sunset center
Take time to stroll down the mall-like hallway at Sunset Center and take in some local art.

With a tight budget, visiting the Sunset Center with family and friends isn’t a bad idea.

The Sunset Center is not your typical Art Museum, because there are a wide variety of galleries locally own and interesting art.

Amarillo has talented artists displaying their artwork at the Galleries at Sunset Center and the atmosphere is inspirational.

When entering the south side of the Sunset Center, the garden catches your eyes from the parking lot. With its metal sculptures of children scattered through out the garden and the small pond with water features filled with fish and lily pads, it sets a friendly vibe.

With the galleries being locally owned, this gives you the advantage of talking to the artists and asking them about their art.

The art of each gallery varies from fine art, paintings, sculpture, printmaking, photography, jewelry, glassware, furniture, and etc.

With more than 50 art galleries all with their unique style, you are bound to leave impressed by a particular work of art.

The Art Gecko studio art varies from unique welding sculptures of clocks, chairs, and vase, to even photography and interactive kaleidoscope.

At the Sunset Center there is artwork everywhere! Not just the paintings that are being displayed on the walls, but the whole place is a work of art. Everywhere you look there is art, from the walls, to its windows, and even floors.

Battlefield of Lust is one particular artwork that caught me by surprise because I almost stepped on the art. There was a trail of small red army toys making their way to a painting on the wall that looked like a bikini, hence the name Battlefield of Lust. Always watch where you step or where you might want to sit down, it might just be part of the art exhibit.

First Friday Art Walks is on the first Friday of each month when the Sunset Center is open from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. On First Friday Art Walks, there are always free food at the art galleries and the artist themselves.

There are more than 50 galleries, and about 100 artist in what used to be an
Western Plaza Mall is now the Sunset Center Art Galleries.
The WP Mall was closed down after it went out of business and the owned by Ann Crouch husband turned it into art galleries.

Sunset Center hours
Located on 3701 Plains Blvd., Amarillo, TX 79102
DIRECTIONS From I-40 ~ Go North on Western Street to Plains Blvd., then East on Plains ~
Turn into Sunset Center parking lot (before reaching the Hastings Bldg.)
The North Entrance will be directly in front of you.
Open Monday-Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Sunday 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

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