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The Lynn Library continues to be a helpful resource for students.

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amarillo college librarian
Tierra Bussey, library technical assistant at Amarillo College

With the advent of the Internet, students may often overlook the library and the resources it offers.

“The Internet hasn’t run us out of business; I think it’s changed our business,” said Emily Gilbert, an instructor at the Lynn Library. “We’re still helping in the same way, because we’ve always been about access to information. But we’ve had to adapt how we give that information.”

One of the most popular services the Lynn Library offers is the Learning Lab on the fourth floor. The library lab is open longer than any other computer lab on campus, and it’s also open at times when other labs are closed.

“We emphasize, here at the library, electronic resources for getting assignments done, although we still have print,” said Mark Hanna, College Librarian. The library still has about 35,000 to 40,000 books in print.

Another popular electronic resource the library offers is its numerous databases. Currently enrolled Amarillo College students have free access to databases with credible sources that can be used for their research projects.

“If a student is enrolled at AC and they pay their tuition and fees, they should have access to information that other people don’t have,” said Hanna.

There are over 28,000 periodicals and journal articles in the AC database available for students to access.

The library also assists students with research in person. A reference librarian is always on duty to help students. The same service is also available via telephone. Students can call the reference desk or a toll-free number.

Librarians can also help students over the computer. “If a student has some sort of Windows software, we can call them, we can connect and have a little video conference. Through that software, we can show them the databases and walk through it with them,” said Hanna.

For students on the West Campus, a reference librarian is on duty at the Northwest Public Library to assist them with their research.

The library also has textbooks available to check out though the Adult Students Program, as well as calculators. But be warned; materials are limited, and run out quickly.

Over the summer, the library installed “collaboration stations” on the first floor, where groups ranging in size from four to twelve can work together on projects. Each station has two large screens, and students can plug in their tablets or laptops to the system and show their group what’s on their screen on one of the larger screens.

“I see students using them just about every day,” said Gilbert.

The library is certainly not short of resources, and its efforts are appreciated.

“I would recommend it; it’s helpful. The computer lab people are always available. They help with computers, and on the other side as well. Like finding what you’re looking for, calculators, everything,” said Alexa Vela, a general studies major.

Students are encouraged to make use of the free resources made available to them.

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