On-campus jobs can give students time to study

September 12, 2012

Ranger Reporter

Finding a job in Amarillo is easy but finding a good job that will be flexible with a student’s school schedule may be quite difficult to find.

Amarillo College offers jobs for students that know they need time to study.

Katilyn Sanders, a general studies and music major, said “If you’re a student and you have to work, you’re fooling yourself if you’re not a student worker”. Sanders works for the Center for Technology and Learning at the Student Help Desk, he has been successful managing her time with work and school.

“I’ve personally worked for three different bosses on this campus and all three bosses did everything that they could to make my educational experience successful,” Sanders said.

Kelsey Kotara, major undeclared, is another AC student that believes working on campus is the way to go.

Kotara works at the front desk of the Carter Fitness Center.

She said unlike off campus jobs that schedule work conflicting with school, jobs at AC will make sure school comes first and works with the student’s school schedule.

Sara Hernandez, a business management major, advises students to find campus jobs in areas that interest them. She has worked in libraries since middle school and now works on the top floor of the Lynn Library.

Hernandez said that she enjoys the fact that she can work on homework while at work.

“I don’t have to play catch up because I’m working and going to school,” Hernandez said.

Finding a job at a college that offers so many jobs may sound hard, but it is actually simple. Renee Burnam, Director of Career and Employment Services, explained that faculty, departments, and supervisors post jobs in the College Central Network.

CCN is a website designed as a job locator for students and people in the community. To search for jobs on CCN the student must register in the website using their 7-digit ID number, then search for local postings and all available positions will appear.

The CCN also keeps track of resumes, so students can update and send them to different employers. Sending out applications online is convenient and very efficient.

Burnam suggest that students check CCN often since the job postings change on a daily basis.

Many positions are available at the college like math assistants, front desk help, tutors, lab student assistants, English writing lab assistants and many more. Working for the school offers experience to students and offers them a chance to network and meet people that will help with a future career.

For more information contact the Career and Employment Center located on the first floor of the Lynn Library at 806-371-5147 or visit www.collegecentral.com/amarillocollge.

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