Stepping out on a ledge Flick does not disappoint despite drawn-out scenes

Man on a ledge

February 8, 2012

BY DAVID LEWIS | Ranger Reporter

Scared of heights?

That’s OK, as many moviegoers were allowed the intense adrenaline rush of a 21-story building and a desperate man trying to clear his name.

Man on a Ledge provides just enough nonstop action and intensity to make all think twice about even setting foot in a skyscraper again.

Sure, at times the common viewer may become bored with the drawn-out scenes of the, go figure, man on a ledge, but the movie continues to cut into several different plot lines, leaving those watching constantly waiting for the next exciting twist.

The film stars Sam Worthington as Nick Cassidy, a man serving jail time for the robbery of the world’s largest diamond.

Although the plot takes off a little slowly, it isn’t long before the action starts. Throughout the movie, Cassidy claims his innocence and after a tricky escape from the confines of prison, the excitement begins.

Finding himself in a hotel, he steps out onto the ledge of a 21-story building and starts the long process of what looks to be a suicide attempt. A long standoff makes it clear that the movie depicts a desperate man willing to do anything to clear his name.

But even suicide?

Meanwhile, the plot thickens as co-stars Jamie Bell and Genesis Rodriguez build on the story as Joey and Angie, family members willing to put it all on the line to clear the name of the desperate protagonist.

After awhile, the separate stories become clear, and soon moviegoers find themselves intertwined in a story of accusation, corruption and, of course, the intense desire of one man to clear his name.

All right, so maybe a lot of the action and some parts of the plot are a little bit of a stretch, and at certain moments may even seem impossible.

The movie has moments where characters are running through windows while on a two-foot ledge or even jumping off the tops of buildings and landing safely hundreds of feet below.

A stretch?

Maybe, but then what would be the point of having an imagination?

For the most part, the movie doesn’t leave one moment of opportunity for viewers to be bored.

Man on a Ledge doesn’t disappoint and keeps the heart racing until the very last second.

This movie definitely deserves a chance, and who knows, it may be the next big cliffhanger viewers have been waiting for.

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