Amarillo College students rave over intramural soccer

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Students take part in the world’s sport

By Miranda Parman

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30 intramural soccer meets in the gym at the Carter Fitness Center. There is a soccer class at this time and anyone who wants to play is welcome to join the class.

Play normally lasts until about 2:30, with people filtering out slowly until around 2:45.

“It’s not competitive college, where I could get a scholarship, but it’s fun,” said Darrik Randell, an education major. Generally, there are several teams assembled and they rotate. One point and a team wins. The winner gets to play the next team in the rotation.

Johan Guerrero, a general studies major said his favorite thing about intramurals is to get to play, like he, and many others there, did in high school. “I come to play,” Guerrero said.

Soccer , or futbol in most other countries, is the most commonly played sport in the world. It has yet to catch on in as big in the US. One of the players, a student named Stuart, said “I wish people wouldn’t be down on soccer.”

There are, however, some very passionate fans stateside. Some of them play intramural soccer. “It’s just fun. I have a good time wasting time,” Randell said.

One young man who told Trena Rider he just liked playing sports had not played soccer before. After three weeks his handle on the ball has become notably better. Randell said, “It’s a place you can come and build skill.”

Three of the players directly expressed their happiness for having intramural soccer. “I’m very glad,” Logan said of having the program.

Most of these students played all four years in high school. “It was awesome,” said Lorraine Logan, a physical therapy major. Intramural sports helps extend that awesomeness into the time spent at Amarillo College.


Originally published: Friday, September 16, 2011

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