Pimple Poppers do not pop off



I find pimple popping videos sickening and one of the lowest forms of content someone can consume. Pimple popping videos have been a constant sour taste in my mouth for a long time due to their popularity on many of the social media platforms that I use. 

The super up-close shot of the zits, so close you can see each and every pore to the super descriptive comments by not only the doctor but the community cause a deep pit in my stomach. 

I love for people to take care of themselves and their skin and I love the educational side of some pimple popping content creators. I just don’t understand the obsession to watch such things happen. I, not only find the content and its community unsettling, but I also find it to be one of the lowest forms of content one can create and watch. 

To create a video of pimple popping is so easy. You simply just record yourself popping a zit or removing some black heads and say things like “Oh, that was juicy.” It’s just gross. Half the time people don’t even make their own, they just steal clips from others videos and make mashups of all the clips. 

The more people watch these videos the more they will be created further pushing hard working or imaginative content creators deeper into the void of the internet. 

I do not find them satisfying in the slightest. To me they are the furthest thing from it. They cause me to genuinely feel sick but the comments will always be worse than the video itself, and the fact that we prioritize quick fast content like that instead of engaging videos that tell a story or teach us something new is truly sad to see.

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