Gas prices affect student commuters

ANDREW TERRY | The Ranger According to AAA, the average gas price in Texas is $3.80 when a year ago the average was $2.59.


Student Reporter

The recent rise in gas prices is impacting student commuters at Amarillo College. “The increase in the prices is affecting me going home and seeing my family,” Mary Lenz, a psychology major, said. 

Lenz is from White Deer, which is 40 miles from Amarillo, and commutes to school. She said that she’s thankful that she has a house to stay at in Amarillo from Monday to Thursday so she doesn’t have to drive so far during the school week, but she knows not everyone has that opportunity.

Lenz also said that since the hike in gas prices, the amount to fill her tank has doubled. She normally spent $25 on gas two or three times a month, but now she spends $50 every other week. 

Emma Steinle, a business administration major, is another student commuter. Steinle lives in Fritch and drives from Fritch to Amarillo every day. With the growth in gas prices she spends about an extra $20 weekly than she did previously, she said and it makes her hate driving to Amarillo. 

“I don’t have a job right now, so it’s really stressing me out because my money is dwindling and I’m not making any more,” said Steinle. 

Steinle also said that she was aware that the school hands out gas cards because her friend, who also lives in Fritch, has previously received one. She said that the card helped her friend at least get to Amarillo, but she does think it would be helpful if they added more money to the cards.

“We have had gas cards as a resource for several years,” Jordan Herrera, the director of social services, said. “We plan to keep them as an option as funding allows,” Herrera said. Due to the rise in the gas prices the ACR (The Advocacy and Resource Center) are out of gas cards right now due to high demand. She added that there’s $20 on each card. 

Herrera said that in order to get a gas card, students should call (806) 731-5446 to see if they have any available. If some are available, the staff will ask for the student’s name and ID number to see if they’re eligible. In order to be eligible students must be currently enrolled into classes and actively attending classes. 

Herrera also added that students, faculty and staff are also able to ride the City of Amarillo Transit Bus System for free during operating hours. Riders just need to present their AC ID cards to the bus driver upon entrance.

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