Blue Blazers burn with passion for helping others

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The Blue Blazers are a group of student ambassadors that help new and prospective students learn about Amarillo College and discover why it may be the right choice for them.

The sponsor of the group, Cassie Montgomery, director of outreach services, said, “The Blue Blazers are the official student ambassador club of the college. They represent the student body when it comes to prospective students. If someone is thinking about becoming an AC student, a Blue Blazer will essentially fill them in on the experience and kind of explain to them what it’s like to be a student here,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery serves as the club sponsor. “I’m kind of the mentor of the group. I train them, teach them how to give tours of our campus, how to organize tours, follow up on tours and I also take them to events in the community and I oversee all of their activities.”

Raygan Lopez, a mass media major, is one of the current Blue Blazers. “Blue Blazers are a group of students, student ambassadors, that help around the college in any type of way,” Lopez said. “We help with the café, we help with AC Foundation, we help with events and we give tours to prospective students.”

“It is amazing. I absolutely love doing this,” Osyris Padilla, an education major said. “One thing I absolutely love about Blue Blazers is giving that culture of caring and that we care very much about the college.”

Lopez said, “My experience as a Blue Blazer has been so fun. I’ve helped so much, met so many people and learned many things, I learned how to represent AC as a Blue Blazer and as a student and I love talking to future students about my campus and how much I appreciate it,” she said.

Jackie McDuff, a business administration major, agreed, saying that she is enjoying the role. “It’s totally awesome that I’ve done pretty much everything. It looks wonderful on your resume and is the highest quality attribute that you could go for at the college,” said McDuff.

To become a Blue Blazer, students can be nominated by AC staff members or can apply on their own. “We interview the candidates after looking at their GPA, how many credits they have at AC, how much longer they have at AC because we don’t want someone who’s in their first semester,” said Montgomery. ”We want a seasoned student but not someone in their last semester because we want to know that you’re going to be here a little bit longer than just a few weeks,” she said.

Any student can apply to be a Blue Blazer, she said. “If you’re willing to learn and you’re excited to know more about college, that’s all I’m looking for.”

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