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In January, Canadian singer/songwriter The Weeknd released his latest studio album “Dawn FM.” With a radio format and narration by Jim Carrey, the album is truly an experience from start to finish. 

In this release, The Weeknd somehow manages to make you feel submerged in this world he has created. You can’t help but feel the emotions that are worked in each lyric. It’s hard to listen and not find yourself dancing to each track. 

One of my favorite tracks is “Less than Zero.” It’s the second to last song on this album and by the time you come to it, it’s a song filled with self-realization. Besides the upbeat nature of the song, the soft melody is a nice touch to wrap up the last full song on this album. 

As the song slowly fades out “Phantom Regret by Jim” starts to play and it is honestly the best outro to an album I’ve ever heard. Carrey does a phenomenal job as the narrator to further submerge us in this world. 

During the song, Carrey narrates, “You gotta unwind your mind, train your soul to align and dance till you find that divine boogaloo” and this whole song is filled with lines just like this. While he narrates, The Weeknd vocalizes in the background of the track, which makes this song so much better.

Another thing that I really love about this album is that The Weeknd makes it seem as if it was a radio show. Throughout this album there’s this narration by Carrey saying, “Here’s 30 minutes of easy listening to some slow tracks on 103.5 Dawn Fm” and it’s just a small detail that shows The Weeknd really cares about the content he’s putting out, again really selling the idea that this is a different world we’re trying to experience. 

Something to pay attention to while listening to this album are the transitions from one song to the next. The transitions are seamless. 

To start a new year with an album that does so many new things and produces on a whole other level is such a comforting feeling considering what we’ve all been through the past two years. 

So, if you have some free time or are at work, get some headphones, put this album on and really zone in and experience this for yourself. The more you listen to it, the more you notice different things each time. This album is well-written and put together and worth listening to. 

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