Fun Noodle, not so fun on wallet





Amarillo gets a new restaurant and of course, it gets a lot of hype on social media. Call me basic, but I decided to try Fun Noodle Bar. 

The noodle bar is located in Wolflin Village on Georgia St. There’s another location in Lubbock which receives a lot of love in their reviews. I rated Fun Noodle on several things; cost, portion, taste, ambiance and presentation. 

For starters, I ordered a New York Roll which was $6.95 for six pieces of sushi. The sushi tasted so fresh and you could taste every single ingredient used. However, it didn’t even remotely make a dent in my hunger. 

Go to your local United Supermarket and you can get 12 pieces of sushi for the same price and taste.

For my entree, I ordered chow mein with shrimp, beef and chicken. It smelled, looked and tasted good. It was $10.99 plus an extra $4 for making it a combination plate. 

My only complaint is that the almost $15 portion size wasn’t filling. Nothing on the menu from Taste of Thai on 34th near Osage costs over $15 and their portion sizes could feed two people. 

Although both dishes were presented neatly and are picture-worthy, the portion to cost ratio isn’t worth a photo for your Snapchat story. 

The ambiance was a little crowded and loud. There was music playing and you could hear the chefs preparing the food. The restaurant was filled to the brim with people. 

I waited 20 minutes for a table for two where I was sat in a booth in a heavy-traffic zone for waiters. If I wanted to hear the communication between waiters and chefs I would have gone to Waffle House. 

I would rate Fun Noodle Bar a 6 out of 10. The ambiance was not it for me, I left hungry. 

The cost was fine; however, I can go to the Boulevard for a bigger portion for less money that will probably taste better. I don’t think Fun Noodle Bar is worth the hype. 

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  1. Dear Raygan,
    Greetings, how are you doing?
    I hope this message doesn’t confuse you or make you feel like it’s coming out of nowhere.

    My name is Jerry, I am the general manager of Fun Noodle Bar located in Amarillo. I’ve learned your titles and position from AC Ranger, and so did your blog regarding our food and restaurant reviews.
    I genuinely thank you for taking your precious time to subjectively compose the powerful messages and specific feedback about our store and the service. I also want to apologize that we’re sorry to hear that our food proportion wasn’t equivalent to the price, nor fulfilling your appetite.

    We’ve been actively, openly, and humbly accepting recommendations from many customers in the past months ever since we opened up. We ameliorated and upgraded our formulas, and increased food volumes and services.

    I’m reaching out to you to invite you to afford us another opportunity to prove to you that we can do so much better since your last visit back in early February.

    Looking forward to seeing you again at our restaurant.

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