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If you haven’t complained about parking at least once in college, are you even really a college student? This is a recurring issue at Amarillo College as long as I  have been a student.

My first complaint is that the light posts in the STEM parking lot don’t work. How am I supposed to feel comfortable walking to my car after my evening classes? 

I cannot wrap my head around my college’s unnecessary expenditures, but yet we can’t seem to afford to turn on or fix the lights in Lot 6.

Second, AC receives a little bit of bond money and begins these “upgrades” on campus. I understand that we are welcoming back sports since the 80s, but the construction near Carter Fitness is taking up nearly half of Lot 10. 

Also, let us not forget the massive hole in the ground behind the Science Lab Building beside the Amarillo Museum of Art. 

Was anyone ever going to tell students, faculty and staff that Lot 8 was just going to be demolished, or were we going to show up on a random Tuesday and see a massive hole in the ground? 

Third, the parking lot across the street from Parcells (Lot 9) is always full. At this point, you have to get to school before the sun comes up to park there, and that’s known. 

But I do wonder why Amarillo College Police Department has been blocking off at least twelve parking spots in that lot, if not more.

Fixing the lights in Lot 6 will make me feel a little better but I am still going to complain about parking. As for Lot 8 and Lot 10, we all have to wait until the construction is finished, but then another unnecessary project might come.  

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