Declaring war on Learning Frameworks

Students say class is unnecessary, annoying



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Throughout college, students are required to take several mandatory “core” classes. Texas sets the core curriculum as they want us to have a basic knowledge of history, government, math and more. 

This is understandable even if certain subjects can cause anxiety when you didn’t enjoy them in high school. I’m personally dreading facing my challenger: college algebra.

There is a certain required course that has been the cause of headaches and eye rolls for many students and teachers since it was mandated by the state. At Amarillo College, it’s known as Learning Framework. 

This core class is meant to introduce students to effective study habits, time management and the college’s resources. 

In practice, however, it feels a bit like suddenly dropping into a kindergarten class as a student and being asked condescendingly if you can keep up. You’ll take a Meyers-Brigg personality test and have a lesson covering the shocking news that you can’t study and play video games at the same time. 

I’ve talked to fellow students who have suffered through the course as well as teachers cursed to take their turn instructing it and everyone had the same reaction: an eye roll and some encouragement just to slog through. There’s no choice. 

I don’t hold the class against the college nor the instructors; Texas is no stranger to imposing nonsensical mandates upon unenthusiastic constituents. But in a semester where I’m rushing between clubs, labs and work, worrying about “How to College 101” is just an additional and unwelcome stress. One that I had the pleasure of paying for. 

To try to put a positive spin on the negative feelings around the course we could try to think of it as an initiation of sorts. It’s true that in the “real world” workers often must sit through pointless meetings and redundant training, and we come out the other side somewhat bonded by the boredom. 

Like the military instructing their boot-camp hopefuls to do such mindless work as sweeping outside while it’s raining or mandatory company bonding trips with trust falls, Learning Framework 101 is something we can all commiserate about upon completion.

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  1. I really actually learned tons of usable skills in Learning Framework. As a 40-something-returning-to-school, I needed the update in how to use many of the computer systems, and while it’s hardly an in depth class, I hadn’t even made it out of the class before employing my new skills in my personal life. Also, Amy P. is awesome 🙂

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