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“Wild Crime” is a new docuseries on Hulu. It follows the suspicious death of Toni Henthorn. What is first thought to be an accidental death could be a homicide

In the first episode, the viewer gets a glimpse into the background of Toni’s relationship with her husband, Harold. This episode also includes a look into the initial crime scene, and how the “accidental” crime took place. In the second episode, the viewer watches the investigation. Anonymous tips start to come in which lead to open up a case from 17 years earlier of the death of Harold’s first wife.

In the third episode, the investigation continues. The digging into Harold’s past leads to the discovery of a weird relationship between Harold and his sister-in-law from his first wife. The discovery of a third victim starts to concern Toni’s family about the safety of Toni’s daughter Haley.

The fourth episode is all about protecting Toni and Harold’s daughter Haley and the arrest of Harold. The viewer in this episode sees the control Harold has on Haley and the control he wants to have on others. Finally, law enforcement officials have enough evidence to arrest Harold. It is now time to play the waiting game until the right moment to make the arrest. 

The families of the victims get together and start to realize there is a pattern in the deaths of their loved ones. Harold is finally arrested and now it is time to build an airtight case against him for trial. The trial ends with Harold being found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

This docuseries is a must watch. Not only does it follow the case well, it makes the viewer want to continue to watch it. This docuseries shows the viewer many red flags to look for. I highly recommend watching this because you get to see this case from the family’s point of view.

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