Vaccine rift grows further

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In March of 2020, it was never imagined there would be a debate over COVID vaccines. Starting the week of Sept. 20, the COVID booster shot was made available. 

The debate is whether people will get the vaccine or not. This has caused a rift between those who are vaccinated and those who are not.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, people who received the first versions of the COVID vaccine are at risk of the delta variant. 

The delta variant was discovered around the time the first doses of the Pfizer vaccine were made available in December 2020, so those who had the first shot did not have much protection from the delta variant.

Some Amarillo College students said they would get the COVID booster shot, because they don’t want to risk their chances of getting the delta variant or because vaccines make them feel safe.

“I believe the COVID shot can be beneficial depending on the circumstances,” Shelbee Mcwright, a nursing major, said. 

“For instance, I work at the hospital, so I received my vaccine to prevent myself from getting COVID due to transporting many COVID patients daily,” Mcwright said. 

“Though it isn’t ‘fully preventive’ it does lessen the chance of severe symptoms helping to reduce the hospital capacity and death rate in our area,” she said. 

Other students said that if they had to get the booster they would, but they want to see how bad COVID affects them first before they get the shot.

“I don’t really have an opinion on the booster shot though, it seems somewhat pointless to me personally,” Caleb Samano, a nursing major, said. 

“I probably won’t. I’m already vaccinated and I have yet to get sick at all, plus vaccines didn’t give me any adverse reactions or symptoms.” he said.

COVID  has caused a major shift in today’s world. Due to quarantine many thought the separation was over, but now there is segregation between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. 

President Biden was quoted by the Associated Press saying, “The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated.”

(Edited Nov. 2)

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