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Amarillo College is reaching out to new students with a new virtual campus tour along with in-person tours conducted by the Blue Blazers, a student ambassador club.

The virtual tours will serve prospective students who cannot make it to campus easily. 

“The tours will be live in about two weeks,” Cassie Montgomery, director of outreach, said. “We have a relationship with a vendor called Student Bridge, which is putting together a virtual tour software for us. You can basically see AC from home,” Montgomery said.

The college also offers in-person individual tours and has recently added weekend group tours.

“What we’ve run into is a big influx of adult learners who want to learn more about the college that can’t come between eight and five,” Montgomery said.  “So we decided in our department to be available on Saturdays from 9-1 p.m.,” Montgomery added.

Individual tours are given Monday-Friday from 8-5 p.m. and group tours will  take place on Saturdays. 

Anyone wanting a tour can request it through the AC website.

The campus in-person  tours are conducted by students who are members of the Blue Blazers. Students can be nominated by an AC employee to become a Blue Blazer or can nominate themselves for the position.

Montgomery said giving tours as a Blue Blazer is a good way for students to get involved in college while building  their resumes.

“It’s about an hour a week. They give a total of 30 hours and at the end of the semester you earn $300,” Montgomery said. “You’re a student first, so in addition to all the classes you’re taking, you should be involved on campus to thrive.”

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