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Jesse Starr, Lynn Library circulation desk supervisor, pictured above, recommends Stephen King’s “Doctor Sleep” which is a continuation of “The Shining.” The library has several Stephen King books, from “Cujo,” “Desperation,” “If It Bleeds,” “The Institute” and many more. RAYGAN LOPEZ | The Ranger


Student Reporter

The Amarillo College Library staff is working to spread the word about their services. Lynn Library is located on the Washington Street Campus on the fourth floor of the Ware Commons building. The library houses all sorts of books that offer students more than just a good read.

“I see our main duty as connecting students, faculty members and staff with the resources they need to pursue their educational goals and enrich their personal life,” Emily Gilbert, the library director said. 

The benefits the AC librarians offer the students go beyond the books on the shelves.

“We will teach students how to conduct research both within the databases and how to tell good information from bad, fake news and things on the internet,” Gilbert said.

There are other ways that students can get the information they need from the AC Library without having to physically be there. 

“We will also help students over the phone and email and through an instant chat service that is on our website,” said Gilbert. “The chat service hours are extended in an effort to ensure that the students have research help when they most need it,” she said.

Some students say they take full advantage of all of the school’s library services. 

“The library is free to use, you can log in to the computers and if you need help with research or a project ask the librarians and they will help you,” Mark Valencia, a mechanical engineering major, said.

Other students have never walked through the Library doors. “I don’t know a lot about it, I have not utilized it a lot yet,” Kloie Rankin, a dental hygiene major, said.

Gilbert said her staff works hard to get the word out about the Library’s services. “Hopefully people know we exist at all. That’s something that we struggle with sometimes, I hope students know we are approachable. I don’t want anybody to be worried over asking for help. We really do want to help anyone that  comes in,” Gilbert said.

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