Key to success: financial planning

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Attending college requires a heavy helping of money as well as the ability to manage it. Learning to budget is a key lesson for many college students.

Taylor Bingham, the Amarillo College career & employment services coordinator, said she advises every student to make a budget. 

 “Know how much money you need to make sure you can pay yourself first and save some money and pay all your bills and hopefully live as comfortable as you can,” she said.

Bingham said that new graduates should be aware of their salary needs when they begin job hunting.

“Knowing how much money you need in order to then negotiate for a job that can pay that gives grads that edge,” Bingham said. 

Some students begin financial planning earlier in life and take this responsibility very seriously. 

“Financial planning is getting together a budget and other financial resources to formulate a plan to implement when purchasing something or setting aside money for a specific purpose,” Kenzie Webb, an education major, said. 

Many students start budgeting while still in high school.

“I think people should start managing money as soon as they get a job,” Savannah Garcia, a nursing major, said. “It will teach you how to manage money for the rest of your life,”

Webb agreed about the importance of learning to manage money early. “Honestly, I think when you get your first job is when you should learn how to budget and manage your money. Set good habits early on,” she said. 

Bingham noted that for college students, financial planning is crucial because they often have a very limited amount of money. “I believe that students have to be stricter with their money due to the cost of college and the lack of time to work a full-time job,” she said.

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