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COVID has created uncertainty around everything, and now graduation. Graduates are afraid that they won’t be getting the graduation they deserve due to COVID, but their prayers may have been answered. After two long years of taking classes at Amarillo College, many students are finally prepared to have normal, in-person graduation at the end of the semester. 

Kevin Ball, the vice president of communications & marketing, said “The graduation will be held on May 14 at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. at Hodgetown. Each graduate will receive nine tickets for guests.”

At 3 p.m., graduates from the health services, industry and public services majors will be graduating, then at 7 p.m., graduates from the business, CIS, creative arts, education, liberal arts, STEM and general studies majors will graduate. Graduates have received an email stating which time they should be arriving at Hodgetown stadium and have been given a link to register. Graduates will not be allowed to switch the time they will be graduating.

Caps and gowns will be available at the AC bookstore. Graduates must bring a copy of the email they received in order to purchase one. Invitations and class rings will be available to purchase at Jostens.com. Graduates should ask their advisor if they aren’t sure whether or not they are graduating or have any questions about graduation requirements. The last information graduates will need will be emailed to them on May 1. 

“I’m really excited to get in-person graduation,” Caylee Hanna, mass media major, said. Hanna was nervous that they weren’t going to be able to have graduation in person. She is happy that she will be able to celebrate her accomplishments with her family and peers. “I’m really glad that I’ll actually be able to do this.”

Jessika Fulton, mass media major, said, “I personally am super excited to have some sort of normalcy and getting to walk with my fellow grads… during the pandemic.”

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