Increased gas prices are unacceptable

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By Ruth Martinez

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Since the beginning of January this year, gas prices started to creep up from the original $1.80 per gallon fiesta. The one good thing to come out of this horrible pandemic period is the low gas prices that once were. Right now, the average gas price in Amarillo is $2.54 and people are freaking out about how just high it will go before summer rolls in. 

In February, the week of the freezing snowstorm only made matters worse since many oil producers and refineries shut down before the snow hit. Also during the winter season, fewer people are out driving, but regardless, the price just keeps on increasing. According to, the demand for gas has been high with supply being low, causing many gas station owners to raise the price. 

With reality setting in, it’s all understandable, but it’s not acceptable. Especially during a pandemic, which makes this even more of a pain. Gas is not the only thing that has had a price increase thus far. Due to the nasty weather, food, water and hotel room prices went up during and after the week of the storm. This means price gouging was taking place even though it’s clearly a violation according to There were many homes without electricity throughout the state of Texas during the storm since the demand was also high while everybody was stuck home. 

To fill up my tank during the pandemic, it once was $10. Now with vaccines being distributed throughout the community and with the insane prices increasing on about almost everything, to fill up my tank, it is now $25. It blows my mind to know that this is really happening in a time where people have lost their jobs because of COVID-19. Yes, stimulus checks are still being handed out, but I’m pretty we’ll see gas prices exceeding $3 a gallon.

Demand continues to rise as many families and friends recently went on vacation for spring break. Make sure you save extra money after your checks because this increase is most likely not going to end. 

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