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By Ruth Martinez

Page Editor

The Amarillo College media, arts and communication department has started a Career Spotlight Series for this spring semester with 30-minute Zoom sessions once a month not only for students but the rest of the community as well. 

The sessions have the opportunity to give information about employment opportunities, daily job routines, tips and more. 

Brent Cavanaugh, the visual arts coordinator and instructor of photography, said he hopes students are prepared for the Zoom sessions. “I feel like this will be growing series that will benefit the students and bring more awareness to each of the professional areas,” he said. 

The first session for the spring semester was held Thursday, Feb. 4. The next session will be Thursday, Feb. 18 at noon and the meetings will continue every third Thursday of the month at noon. Speakers will range from career fields such as graphic design, television, radio, film, journalism, photography, advertising and public relations.

Jill Gibson, chair of media, arts and communication, said she hopes students take advantage of this chance to talk to people who work in their related field. “Employers are donating their time because we as a community want to give the students everything they can get while they’re here to be successful,” she said. 

In the first session of the semester, Brian Frank, content producer, and Stevi Breshears, digital communications coordinator spoke about their everyday lives working at Panhandle PBS. Frank was a mass communications major at AC. “All I wanted to do was radio, so I didn’t care about TV classes at all, but I’ll be darned if they didn’t make us take the radio and video classes and it has really served me well,” he said. 

Breshears is also an AC alumnus and found her job at PPBS very quickly. Breshears worked for “The Ranger,” the “Current” and interned at PPBS. “Get involved because opportunities can come from places that you don’t really expect them to,” she said. 

Breshears also said she wants students to know that they can learn as much as they want to learn whenever they can. “You can do a little bit of everything.”

Check your email for the Zoom link for monthly sessions or contact Gibson at for more information.

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