Phi Theta Kappa scouts new members


By Isaiah Flores

Staff Reporter

Amarillo College’s Phi Theta Kappa honor society is rebuilding after nearly being wiped out because of graduating students and decreased participation due to the pandemic.

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society for community college students who meet certain requirements such as a 3.5 GPA or higher and have completed at least 12 hours toward an associate’s degree, or 6 hours toward a one-year certificate.  Once a student has met all requirements, they receive a letter or email inviting them to join.

Jenna Welch is a student life coordinator and club sponsor for PTK.  Welch said this organization is a way for students to gain different kinds of opportunities during their academic journeys. 

“It gives them a lot of opportunities for personal growth and development and scholarship opportunities that they can transfer on to other colleges and just a way to get engaged with their fellow students at Amarillo College,” she said.  

In addition to that, she said being in PTK builds confidence. “That’s one thing they do research leadership development, fellowship and community service.”

She said can grow from their experience in this club. “Growing as an individual and as a student, and being part of an organization that sticks with you for the rest of your academic career.”   

Maci DeArmond, a business administration major and club president, said she has enjoyed her experience in PTK.  “Being invited to join PTK is a prestigious honor full of great rewards. It’s like surrounding yourself with other hardworking students dedicated to their schoolwork. It’s a great community for other like-minded people to have others they can count on whether for help or fellowship,” she said. 

DeArmond said she has gained much leadership and life experience, despite the short amount of time she’s been with the organization. “When I joined the Beta Eta Chapter at AC there wasn’t much of a chapter at all. Between COVID-19 and graduation in May of 2020 there were no officers left and essentially it just completely died out.” 

De Armond said she basically had to restart chapter. “I learned I would have to rebuild the chapter from the ground up. Throughout this process I learned a lot about how to be a strong leader toward my peers and also the staff at AC.” 

De Armond encourages fellow students to work hard and get involved with PTK as soon as possible. “It’s super fun, and every year we work on two big projects as a chapter to help better our campus and our community.”

Ruth Martinez, is a mass media major and PTK vice president.  Martinez has been a member for two years. She said she has gained networking and time management experience from being in PTK. “People should care about Phi Theta Kappa, because if you qualify, you already have so many benefits for a four year university if someone decides to transfer,” she said. 

Martinez said PTK is planning a number of events for spring semester. “We are planning to have PTK awareness week March 1 through 5.” 

For information, contact the PTK at

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